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Our solutions bring value to businesses by keeping networks secure, making data available in the cloud, and minimizing downtime with business continuity plans.

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We're fast

With many different ways to request support, our average response time is under 10 minutes.

No tech talk

Tired of hearing explanations you cannot understand? Our team will explain things in a clear and concise manner, avoiding any confusion


Our software continuously monitors systems for future problems. We work to fix these potential issues BEFORE they become a problem.

We’re your partner

Whether you are evaluating a new software solution, need equipment upgrades, or just general advice, our team is ready to assist


With many different available services, we can find the right solution to help with your IT needs.


Investing on IT services should not be expensive as long the perfect solution is provided and carefully studied.

Real problems, real solutions

Louisiana Technology Park Feature: Using Technology to Maintain Productivity While Working From Home

Our CEO, Ben Marcel, was recently featured in an article for the Louisiana Technology Park about utilizing technology while working remotely. Some key take aways include: What problems are entrepreneurs who are learning to work remotely likely to encounter? Can technology tools solve those problems? For small businesses operating on a tight budget, are there tech solutions that are free or inexpensive? And more!



Hear what some of our clients have said of our services over the years.

"Prompt, Accommodating and Gracious"

As an office manager for a busy law firm, I certainly appreciate the team work I’ve enjoyed for ten years with Torapath Technologies, Inc., Ben Marcel, and support staff. They are very prompt, accommodating and gracious as we work our way through technical difficulties, routine maintenance, updates, problem solving, hardware and software upgrade planning. Beyond the hands-on routine operations, we know we can rely on the cyber security measures managed by Torapath Technologies, Inc., as well as our backup systems that we have seen come through for us through the years. It is truly rewarding to work with such a quality support team as we work hard to take care of our clients.

Gloria W., Percy, Mumphrey & Skias

"Letter of Appreciation"

To you and to your entire team, on behalf of Safe Air Technology and myself, I want to thank you and share our appreciation for your commitment of outstanding service and commitment in going above and beyond your contractual obligations in providing services and support to keep us operational.

I can comfortably recommend Torapath Technologies as a reliable IT provider, Ben takes personal pride in his services and products and consistently demonstrates this leadership to his team and clients.

David R. Ratcliff, President/CEO of Safe Air Technology

"We have peace of mind that our engineering firm’s technology is protected"

Torapath Technologies has been managing our IT for many years. They have a sound approach to technology and are able to explain things in simple terms. As an Engineering and Land Surveying firm, our company’s data is the most important asset we have. The 3D Scanning technology our survey department uses in particular is a big contributor to the large amount of data our company must maintain. Torapath Technologies developed a custom backup and disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime if there is a failure. They have also explained the importance of IT security and put technology in place to provide protection of our data. We greatly appreciate the service and expert advice they provide because it allows us to focus on running our business instead of worrying about technology issues.

Karla E. Weston, PE, President of Civil Design & Construction, Inc.

Ben Marcel



I founded Torapath Technologies in 2007 with the goal of helping other businesses with their technology. There are many technology solutions available today, so it is important that we continue to be trusted advisors and keep our clients’ best interest in mind. With a high level of honesty, trust and transparency, we are consistently able to build significant and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We have no excuses when our clients experience technology issues, and we make sure we follow up and follow through to resolution.

Our team strives to communicate by actively listening to needs and goals to create a custom technology plan that maintains team productivity, minimizes technology downtime, and uses best practices for security. These core values are the ones I lived by when it was just myself in the beginning. Although we have grown over the years, these same principles are the ones that our team lives by when delivering exceptional service.

If your business needs help with technology, whether you are trying to do IT yourself, need a better IT vendor than your current solution, or to work hand-in-hand with your internal IT team, let’s meet to talk about how Torapath Technologies and your business can partner together.

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