13 Strategies To Make Your Cybersecurity Failproof

Skilled hackers can easily access your system and steal precious business information. Upgrading your cybersecurity can help address this problem. Taking your cybersecurity seriously is a must. Otherwise, you leave the door open for criminals to compromise your business’s privacy...

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7 Tips For Organizing Your Office Desktop to Improve Productivity In The New Year

IT, Tech Tips

Increasing productivity in your business doesn’t just entail optimizing your equipment and sharpening your attention. Decluttering your computer desktop is also essential.  A clutter-free office is paramount to improving your productivity. Piles of stationery on your desk can cause you to waste a lot of time searching for a critical document. As a result, you’re less likely to meet deadlines.  Clutter can affect you in various indirect ways, too.  It can dramatically reduce your cognitive abilities, impairing your decision-making and relationships with your team members. In addition, it can have...
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Master the Disaster: Get Ready for Hurricane Season

Blog, Business, IT

Natural disasters are stressful enough without the added weight of potential business impacts. If you found yourself in Mother Nature's path tomorrow, would your business float or flounder? The importance of a hurricane preparedness plan cannot be overstated. It protects all the time and effort you've put in to provide value for your customers. Here's what you can do to build a disaster recovery plan today. Plan What are your company's weaknesses? Do you deal primarily in physical products, or is your business 100% digital downloads? The first step in...
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Are you sure of your Business Data Back Up?

Business, Cyber Security

If you have ever lost critical data from your computer, you must understand how important it is to have a backup to avoid such a moment of panic. Are you properly backing up your business data? Whether it is client information, sales reports, payrolls, or employee data, there is dedicated importance to this data that would cost the company greatly if lost. In this article, we will discuss what data backup is, how data may get lost in your computers, strategies of data backup, and how to mitigate data loss....
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5 Tips for Increasing Data Security While Working Remotely

Cyber Security, IT

Even though remote work was already gaining popularity amongst tech companies before COVID-19, the pandemic has forced many businesses to adopt work-from-home measures. Remote workers are now as popular as those who operate from the office. According to research by Shred-It State of the Industry Report, these changes come with a greater need for companies to improve on data security. If you have employees who are working outside your office, you need to implement data protection tactics so that you can ensure that your company data remains secure from hackers and...
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Keeping it Reel: Tips to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Cyber Security, IT

There's no avoiding the fact that we live in a digital world. We are on our computers, smartphones, and tablets constantly emailing, shopping, and searching the World Wide Web. Because of this, scammers will do their best to find your contact information and target you for illegitimate reasons, also known as phishing. They might try and get personal information like your social security number or bank account, or have you tap on links that can steal your computer details with the click of a button, which is why it's important...
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The Consequences of Business Data Loss

Business, Cyber Security, IT

In this digital age, data loss is a major problem for businesses of all sizes. Different factors can cause your business to lose data, each presenting a unique challenge when it comes to data recovery. Regardless of the cause, losing data can have far-reaching consequences for your business.   Here are six things that can happen when you face a data breach.  DISRUPTION OF BUSINESS OPERATIONS Once you lose the data supporting your business, the first thing to suffer will be your operations. When data is no longer available, it...
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5 Cyber Risks For Companies In 2021

Cyber Security, IT

The internet increases connectivity and efficiency but numerous threats as well. In the modern world, it's crucial to keep track of the emerging cyber risks to your business. Here are security threats you should watch out for in 2021. 1. Internet of things (IoT) attacks There is an increase in the number of organizations implementing the internet of things to manage infrastructure, capture data, and enhance customer service. Most of these IoT devices don't have robust security, making your business vulnerable to attack. Hackers can easily get control of the...
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Torapath Technologies Has a New Website!

In The Know

Torapath Technologies began as a mobile technology consultancy when iPhones were only just starting to take over the Blackberry in popularity. Since that time, we have evolved immensely to a full Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Digital Marketing agency across Louisiana and beyond. Since our service offerings have grown over the years, we also found that with two major divisions, they each deserved their own presence online. So with that our team put together two new websites to showcase our competitive advantages for both our IT Solutions (this website you...
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Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

In The Know, SEO, Tech Tips

Have you ever noticed that some website URLs start with HTTP while others start with HTTPS? Maybe you’ve noticed a tiny lock icon in the top left corner of your browser? What exactly does it all mean? Websites that are HTTPS have an SSL certificate. SS-what? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a secure protocol developed for sending sensitive information over the internet. If a website you are on has an SSL certificate, it means that the site is secure and encrypted. Any data you enter is safely shared...
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