5 Tips for Increasing Data Security While Working Remotely

Cyber Security, IT

Even though remote work was already gaining popularity amongst tech companies before COVID-19, the pandemic has forced many businesses to adopt work-from-home measures. Remote workers are now as popular as those who operate from the office.

According to research by Shred-It State of the Industry Report, these changes come with a greater need for companies to improve on data security. If you have employees who are working outside your office, you need to implement data protection tactics so that you can ensure that your company data remains secure from hackers and cyber thieves.

Establish Data Protection Policies

Most companies assume that their employees are aware of safe cyber practices when working outside the office. Unfortunately, many employees are clueless on data security matters and assume so long as they are not working on confidential issues, they have no reason to worry. You need to establish cybersecurity policies to protect your company information. Additionally, every employee in your organization, whether they work from the office or remotely, must be trained and sensitized on your enforced data protection policies. They should also sign a policy adherence document so that they know the weight of this matter to your company.

Install Tracking Software

It is necessary to install tracking software on all your devices. This can help you to track any lost or stolen devices. Tracking software can also help you delete important information from lost devices and block anyone from accessing or using them. 

Ensure Fire-Walls, Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware are Updated

Employees working from home are more vulnerable to hackers and cyberattacks. This is why you must make sure that all their company devices have updated firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware software. This will protect them even if they access your company data from a public space.

Use Private and Secure Wi-Fi and Hotspots Only

Besides ensuring that employees use company devices to access your company information, you must sensitize them on the importance of using private and secure Wi-Fi only. Hackers often prey on unsuspecting individuals using public Wi-Fi and using hotspots when in public places. Employers should also consider installing Hi-tech Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). These can add a layer of protection for any information passing to and from any device and alert remote workers in case of any threats.

Use Secure Passwords 

Simple passwords have led to many company emails and programs being hacked. You can protect your remote workers from falling victim to this by using a company password manager software system on their devices. This software can generate strong passwords and change them every three months to enhance data security. 

Even though you cannot ban your workers from carrying work home or working from their favorite coffee shop, you can protect them and your company by implementing the above cybersecurity measures. Contact Torapath Technologies to get IT solutions that will protect your employees from data theft and breaches regardless of where they are working from.